1 05 2013

What BRA suits you best?



Are you a pear or an apple? No, we don’t mean your body as a whole, we mean your breasts. There are various different breasts types and there’s a right bra for each of them.


1. Are your breasts rather flat at the top and much rounder at the bottom?

In that case you are a pear. The pear shape comes in both large and small cup sizes. This type is often the result of pregnancy or a change in weight.

You need a bra that gives you sufficient support, with underwiring that comes a little higher between the cups, which should in turn be a little higher on the breasts. A bra that lifts the breasts ensures that the volume is spread around more, so that your upper breasts look fuller.

You’ll find what you need in the Camille series. The Camille foam bra may well fit you like a glove, but be sure to go for a professional fitting at a specialty lingerie shop. If you don’t like foam, the Camille underwired bra might be just what you’re looking for.

Are you more inclined to a less romantic style? The Noa bandeau bra is ideal for pear-shaped breasts.



2. Do you have firm breasts that are completely round?

In that case you are an apple. Again, this comes in both large and small cup sizes.

You’re in luck! Women with this breast shape can wear just about any bra style they like. A seductive balconnet is highly recommended, because your breasts fill the cup nicely and your sensual curves at the top are well worth showing off. The upper line of the balconnet is lower and more horizontal than in a regular underwired bra, say.

There’s a balconnet in the Carole series and another in the Donald series. You should certainly give them a go.



3. Do you take a large cup? Do you have round breasts and attractive cleavage?

In that case you are a melon.

Lots of women envy you for your voluptuous breasts, but you know there are downsides too. You will probably need good support, comfortable wide shoulder straps and firm elastic back wings. Select a bra that keeps your breasts apart too. The classic underwired bra is perfect in that department!

Do you like your underwired bra to have a vertical seam? Pauline and Josephine are two series with exactly what you’re looking for.

If you prefer a purer look, you really should try the Tom underwired bra.


4. Are pears and apples a distant dream, never mind melons? In other words, do you take a very small cup size?

In that case, go for a sensual push-up! There are now lots of push-up styles for every breast type. You can go for removable pads or a bra with gradual thickening of the foam in the cups. You can even have cleavage too!

Do you dream about a push-up with lace? Be sure to look at the Jane or Violette series.
If you’d rather do without lace, give the Sandro or Auguste series a try.


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