21 07 2013

Water marble Nail Design Tutorial



This is another fresh nail design idea, which will make you feel like the Queen of the sea. Ideal manicure for everyday and special occasions. Besides being extremely beautiful, it is very creative and easy to do as well. Follow the steps below to make an amazing nail design with your own hands.

1. Gather a collections of sea colours – navy, minty green, white- a combination you like. You will need some tape to protect your fingers and a glass of water.

2.Paint your nails with a base colour

3. Cover your finger`s skin with tape to protect it from being painted

4. Put a few nail polish drops of each colour into a glass of water(one into another) and use a pin or any other suitable tool to cover the surface of the water with nail polish.

5.Dunk your finger into the cup and wait for a while

6. Take it out

7.Use an ear pad to clean the nail polish from the sides

8.Repeat the procedure with each finger and add a top coat.


Now, you have a beautiful nail design in just a few minutes and minimum efforts!


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